Yesterday I posted my styling project for a few new pieces of jewelry by INEZ By Boe. Today I’m here with a few questions I asked this talented NYC designer, Annika Inez. The artist behind By Boe and INEZ By Boe gives us more insight on what inspired these new collections, the women who wear INEZ By Boe, and a little more on Annika as herself.


Looking at your two collections, Revival and Echo, do you remember any specific moments that could be your core inspiration, in any? For example, do you know where the design ideas of the shapes came from?

The Revival Collection was based on the vintage glass pieces, I had been collecting them for years, they are glass pieces made in czechoslovakia probably in the 30′s. I was so happy to finally put them into a collection. The Echo Collection was inspired by my fascination with repetition and what it does. Take one tear drop shape, repeat around in a band shape and you have something that looks like fangs (the venom band), take the same tear drop shape, draw it out a bit, and wrap 4 of them around your finger and you have something that almost looks floral (double trickle). I love combining pieces together from both collections, a fang like ring with a more glam glass piece, gives a nice juxtaposition.

The mini fangs in Echo are like a cult glamour, divine dream. They’d be perfect for Aaliyah (RIP) in Queen of the Damned if she wore minimalist style jewelry. What’s your favorite vampire movie?

:-) Hmm.. I don’t have a favorite movie, but I did devour books when they came out.

You are telling someone about Inez by Boe’s new collections and you are describing one woman who wears your pieces, what is this woman like? What is she wearing? Where is she going?

She travels, she needs freedom, her style is an expression of who she is more so than a fashion statement, she is going off to explore life.

You used vintage materials in these collections, so I’m assuming you have a few great favorite vintage pieces at home in your own collection that you’re going to hold onto forever. What are these pieces?

I have a victorian blouse with this high collar neck made of a beautiful crochet, a black leather bag that my mom bought in Paris in 1980 something… my grandmother’s beautiful delicate gold watch, a vintage kimono that I bought in Tokyo……..on and on.

We have a lot of small business lovers reading the Bird Trouble blog. Tell us a few things about your small business. How many employees do you have? Does everyone work out of the Brooklyn studio and what sort of hours? How does everyone stay happy?

We are 5 people at our Brooklyn studio, a very varied group with Mexican, Trinidadian, Japanese, Swedish and American backgrounds, we are all very different but have a lot fun together. Music is always playing in our studio keeping a positive vibe, everything form Johnny Cash to Gil Scott Heron to Tv on the radio.

If you were to hunt other countries for jewelry supplies, where would you go?

Turkey, Morocco and I would love to travel around the Czech Republic and try to find back rooms of old factories and buy up their old supplies of glass.

What other creative talents do you possess?

I’m pretty good with and love rigging unexpected stuff together for various purposes, whether for a shoot or at home when we used to have a store, I love to create little worlds or environments. I wouldn’t say I’m talented at it, but turning the music up loud at home and dancing like a crazy makes me feel creative  :-)

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